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Gardens Galore

The Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) Community Garden has sprung to life! This summer, New Haven Farms is partnering with SCSU and Community Alliance for Research and Engagement (CARE) to deliver a health and wellness program for residents of the Dixwell, Newhallville, West Hills, and West Rock neighborhoods. Modeled after

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Tomato Talk

The family model of our Farm-Based Wellness Program ensures that the entire family plays an active role in improving their health. While their parents learn about farming and cooking with fresh vegetables, the kids do the same. Before dinner, they water and weed their very own youth garden. Then, they

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Ambassadors for Health

The second-ever cohort of New Haven Farms Community Health Ambassadors met last week and began their training on women’s empowerment and types of power, good and bad. One Community Health Ambassador noted, “Some could say the world is already run by women, it’s just behind the scenes.”  Another Community Health

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NH Register NHF-FHCHC Partnership and More

The New Haven Register highlights the partnership between the Fair Haven Community Health Center’s (FHCHC) Diabetes Prevention Program and New Haven Farms’ Farm-Based Wellness Program in a recent feature story from August 15. In addition to patients referred from FHCHC, our 2015 program also includes referrals from healthcare partners at Cornell-Scott Hill

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Green Thumb Challenge Kick-off in the Hill

Green Thumb Community Challenge

New Haven Farms is launching the Green Thumb Community Challenge with New Haven partners through the Conference of Mayors Award to support childhood obesity prevention initiatives. Through August and September, we aim to celebrate and support community members growing their own food by providing four celebrations in Fair Haven and the Hill neighborhoods.  Cooking demonstrations,

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