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Recipes for Success

Eating together is powerful. Across time and cultures, sitting together to share food has nourished communities, spiritually, mentally, and physically. That is fundamental to how we build community at our Farm-Based Wellness Program. Celin Garcia, our Cooking and Nutrition Educator, plans recipes each week that use the farm’s bounty to

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What Is Health, Really?

When I began my undergraduate career at Sewanee: The University of the South in August 2014, I intended to study health and medicine because of time I spent in the Dominican Republic while volunteering with my old church. I remember being in the hospital and feeling helpless as our group

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Community Member Spotlight: Bo Peep

Bo Peep takes pride in his home garden, to the point where he wakes up at five in the morning to defend it against squirrels trying to nibble on his tender seedlings. There’s a lot to be proud of (and to defend) in this garden, with plantings from hot peppers

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