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Community Supported Agriculture Program | New Haven, CT CSA

Community Supported Agriculture Program in New Haven, CT

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model of food distribution that creates a mutually beneficial relationship between a community and its local farmers. Families or individuals become members of the farm by purchasing a share of the harvest. This fee contributes to the financial cost in growing a diverse varieties of crops, which in turn get distributed each week in abundance back to the shareholders. The CSA model is powerful as it provides families with fresh weekly harvest during the season and provides guaranteed income for local producers.  

The New Haven Farms CSA Experience

By choosing to participate in New Haven Farms’ CSA Program, you make a powerful commitment to purchase local, organic produce that positively impacts our local economy, personal health, and the environment. Each week, you will bring home a fresh basket of vegetables, according to what is in season that week on the farm. This basket may contain unfamiliar vegetables and expose you and your family to new and healthy eating options. You will learn about eating seasonally, becoming more in tune with the New England farming calendar.

Our CSA is unique as all of the food is grown within the city of New Haven. We are a true urban farm, growing food in otherwise unused spaces in the city, bringing fresh food, garden and environmental education, and neighborhood revitalization to areas in need. We build our farms using compost and topsoil from outside of the city, ensuring the highest quality soil medium. CSA members will be invited to open farm work days providing further opportunity to be connected with your food. You will receive weekly emails from our Farm Manager with weekly harvest and farm updates as well as relevant recipes and vegetable storage tips.

When you pick up from the farm you will get the chance to see the progress of the farm, exposing you and your family to the beauty and magic of food production. By buying CSA produce shares, shareholders join their farmer in the risks and rewards associated with food production. Each year, some crops exceed our expectations with a boom season, providing more than we could have possibly predicted, while another crop does not yield as planned for, leading to smaller harvests. We as farmers mitigate this risk by growing many types of crops and several varieties of each crop, assuring bounty each week. It is exciting to be connected with the seasons, thus experiencing local food crops as they come in, as well as understanding how local weather patterns impact food production. The share quantity is weighted towards the middle and end of the season, providing food as our regional climate allows. The first month of CSA contains more leafy greens, the fruiting crops come in later, filling in the rest of the share as to balance out a spring with less “bulk.”

Is New Haven Farms Certified Organic?

While our produce is not organic-certified (due to the burden of the certification process), we practice organic farming methods. New Haven Farms has signed the CT NOFA Farmer’s Pledge. For any further information regarding our growing practices or our CSA program, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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