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Why Choose NHF?

Why Choose New Haven Farms’ CSA?

By choosing to participate in our Community Supported Agriculture Program, you make a powerful commitment to purchase local, organic produce that positively impacts our local economy, personal health, and environment. Our CSA Program is open to the public and runs from June to October. Proceeds from the full-cost CSA Program subsidize fresh produce for low-income families. Here are some more reasons to participate:

Support New Haven Farms’ Mission

New Haven Farms’ mission is to promote health and community development through urban agriculture. We deliver several programs in service of this mission: the Farm-Based Wellness Program, Incubator Garden Program, and Community Health Ambassadors.

By participating in our CSA Program, you will contribute to a share of our produce for a family in need.

Support Small Farms

The CSA model helps keep farming a viable way of life for small-scale farms that are increasingly disappearing in the United States. Part of the pleasure, and sometimes frustration, of farming is that the seasons and forces of nature are unpredictable. By buying CSA shares, shareholders join their farmer in the risks associated with food production. Each year, some crops exceed our expectations with a boom season, while another crop does not yield as planned for, leading to smaller harvests.

As farmers, we mitigate this risk by growing many types of crops and numerous varieties of each crop. We practice crop rotation and best management practices to promote fertility, ensuring that we have the best yields possible. We grow in ample amounts of compost and use only organic pest and disease management.

Support Strong Neighborhoods

New Haven Farms transforms vacant, urban spaces into beautiful, organic farms. This makes our neighborhoods more safe and vibrant for all community members.

Eat Healthy

By purchasing a CSA share, you ensure that you and your family make a commitment to consuming fresh and local vegetables for at least 5 months per year. Increasing your daily intake of fresh produce is proven to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, and other diet-related chronic diseases.

Eat Seasonally

At the grocery store, all fruits and vegetables are made available to us year-round. When you have a CSA share, you reconnect to the tradition of eating fruits and vegetables when they are in season and at their freshest. Eating seasonally also significantly decreases the number of miles your food travels from farm to plate.

Build Community

As a shareholder, you automatically join the New Haven Farms family. We are a group of community members who are committed to the well-being of our neighbors. Each week, when you pick up your share, you will meet participants in our other programs, staff, local organizational leaders, and the farmers who grow your food.


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